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MilitaryMarket.Org  Outreach   Services


   Items needed :  Socks, Deodorant,  Razors,  Bar soap,  
                               Hand Sanitizer,  Shampoo,  Toothbrush 
                               & Toothpaste, Winter hats & gloves

    We take pride in our Winter Outreach Services and by providing our               Veterans with Hygiene and Personal Products in a backpack  filled with    
   items such as Winter Hats and Warm winter gloves, 5 pairs of  socks,     
   toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, chap stick, hand sanitizer and a      
   number of other items. In addition to the backpacks, we also hand out     
   winter jackets, sweatpants and a variety of shirts & undergarments. 

   Military Market works with a number of  North Carolina groups to see    
   that no Veteran in need is forgotten.  If you know of any Veterans who    
   may need assistance with our Winter Outreach, you may email me on a
   confidential basis @ [email protected] We will do 
   our  best to see  that they  are taken care of.

   We are also available to pick up any donated items, 7 days a week. Our    
   staff members are professional, respectful and efficient.

   The 1st 2019 Collection Date will be: Saturday, March 24, at our Coastal 
   Honor Challenge sponsored by MilitaryMarket.Org. For more info  
   log onto : Military Market.Org

*** COVID 19 Services 

During April and May
we are concentrating on food distribution and supporting 1st responders and front line workers
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Military Market will continue to collect and purchase items all year long but items are      most needed for our Christmas Stockings and Winter distribution.

    Below is a list of needed items. We do not hand out any opened packages or split   
         packages. All items must be individually wrapped and in original package.

Winter Hats
Winter Gloves
Individually wrapped Toothbrushes 
Bar Soap
Hand Sanitizer
Chap Stick
Disposable Razors

Thank-you for your support and generosity for our Veteran's in need.
We will also pick up any donated items
Contact us at: [email protected]