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                                         Annual Plant and Herb Sale

 Every Spring Phoenix Mission holds it's annual plant sale from Easter Weekend until  June 1st.  Our Spring plant sale is a main fund-raiser we do annually to replenish the supplies that are needed for the Local Homeless Veterans and to support Early Bread at : Church of St. Peter the  Fisherman. Early Bread serves a hot breakfast and prayer every Sunday to local Homeless, anywhere from 100 to 150 each and every Sunday since 1998.
 The sale of Rose's , Fresh Herbs, Vegetable Plants and flowers can be bought  during  this time.  Locations   vary will be posted below on this website. Our first plant sale will be at the Coastal Honor Challenge on 3/24
 As the end of Spring approaches, we request and encourage donations  of the items  listed on our  Winter Outreach Page. We continue to grow and distribute more backpacks each year and support is always needed. Since 2016 our distribution # grew to well  over 300 in Southeastern North  Carolina, from November through January. Each year the need and number who need help grows.

  It is only through the generosity of our supporters that we can make this small difference to help the  Veteran's and those  in need.



Yearly Fund Raising Events 
All of the 2019 events listed below are to raise money for Veterans throughout Southeastern  North Carolina. 

* Annual Plant Sale - April
Harley Hot Dogs Collection, May 18th
*Memorial Day & Veterans Day - Field of Honor Flags
* Sponsorship to 16 Local Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities
* Lap Blanket Distribution
****WINTER STAND DOWN***  December 8th & 15th

"Field of Honor" Flag Sale  

                                         For the past several years, we have been doing a Field of Honor and installing flags at the                                          Veteran Monument and Gold Star Family Monument at Hugh MacRae Park 
on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Personalized American Made US Flags w/ribbon and Name of Honored recipient.

                                                                Flags will be displayed on both Memorial Day and Veterans Day.


      2019 - Veteran Softball Tournament                 
                             Thank-You to Our SPONSORS          To Sponsor a Team call 910.200.5074                                                                                                                                                
                                                                               Jacksonville Marines                     Cape Fear CC Veterans Team

          Thank you to all our 
            Sponsors who help 
    support our Veterans in need


*** Nursing Home Sponsorship of Veterans - Distribution Twice a year for local NC Nursing homes                                         *** New Hanover, Brunswick and Columbus County
            Visiting and supplying Veteran in Local Nursing Homes with gifts on Memorial Day and Christmas 

                                                      ANNUAL LAP BLANKET DISTRIBUTION

                                                          Each year, Phoenix Mission supplies the Leland Senior Center with yarn                                                                to knit winter items for us. Though the generosity of The knitting group at                                                                The Leland Senior Center, Phoenix Mission just delivered Winter Hats and                                                                lap blankets at our Winter Stand down & to the Veteran Home in Kinston, NC

                                                        Distribution also includes local Nursing homes in The greater Wilmington                                                                       area during October and in the Whiteville, NC area in December.

                                                              A BIG Thank-you to all who donated our hand made knitted items.


​Our Local Winter Stand Down for Homeless Veterans and for those in need of assistance.

Tentative date of December  7th and 8th

Thank - You